Dead Heavy Fantastic

Everyman Theatre, Liverpool
Written By Robert Farquhar
Presented by Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
11th March 2011 - 2nd April 2011

Reviewed by Colin Serjent
Photograph by Helen Warner

The final new play at the soon-to-be renovated Liverpool Everyman, this comedy/farce hits the nail on the head in regard to the clubbing scene in the city and its alcohol, drug driven culture, of which this is the highlight of the week and every week, for many of those involved.

The two main protagonists are lonely heart Frank (Alan Stocks), recently divorced and looking for a bit of TLC, alongside wide boy Vince (Con O'Neill), who is dismayed to discover his girlfriend Cindy (Samantha Robinson) - with their relationship under strain - on a blind date with Frank.

This results in various consequences. for Vince and Frank, cleverly paired together in a fast flowing and comical production.

On meeting Frank Cindy leads nothing to the imagination, downing a double vodka in one go, and asking him to have sex with her.

The two guys are complete opposites. Although never stated, Vince is maybe a drug dealer - snorting copiouis amounts of cocaine - is a serial lier, and has his own accountant, who follows him around like a puppy dog.

Frank, on the other hand, is unassuming and wants a undemanding life.

But despite their different lifestyles, their friendship grows, mainly instigated by Vince.

There then follows the two of them 'enjoying' a typical night out of clubbing in Liverpool city centre - visiting seedy clubs, getting blathered, talking crap to girls, spending time in a hospital casualty ward, and later in the night ending up at Vince's penthouse flat.

Along the way there is a lot of quick fire humour and a lot of typical earthy scouse humour.

"It's not what you think," exclaims Frank to onlookers as he is regularly caught in compromising situations, in one instance with his trousers around his ankles!

Above a sparse stage a spellbinding video is projected onto the back, including images of revellers on the prowl along dear old Slater Street.

Although exhausted and reeling from culture shock, there is nevertheless a happy ending for Frank.

Perhaps next weekend he will have a quiet night in!

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