Dead Good Poets Society

Everyman Theatre (7th April 2010)
First Wednesday of every month at 8pm

Reviewed by Dominic Murphy

Greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, I felt at ease and in the mood to enjoy an evening (three hours) of reviewing Liverpool’s finest poets. The spectrum was wide; from young poets and retired old thespians, students to young mothers, representing Liverpool’s rich mix of culture and class. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to review each poem separately in this article, however it must be said there wasn’t a truly terrible poem on the night. So this review will solely concentrate on several highlights of what was a most enjoyable night of top entertainment.

The night began with a short poem called ‘The Joiner’, which had a clever twist about Jesus, performed by the lively host Claire.

David Levin (and his roadie) performed a satirical poem, accompanied by music. Levin’s poem ‘Moral Compass’ was a tongue and cheek view on the MP’s expenses scandal. The room was in stitches and had no time to recover as David Goldsmith was hot on his heels. His poem called ‘Life of Riley’ (a poem about a man's struggle adjusting to retirement) sent the room into roaring laughter.

Anna Marie brought a local touch with her nostalgic ‘Memories of Echo Men’, full of humour with a hint of sentiment.

Emma McGordon was very clever with her use of the phonetic alphabet in her first poem. She displayed her obvious creative talent along with her comic timing. McGordon was excellent, and probably the most accomplished poet of the night. Her second poem ‘Gutter Witches’ was also outstanding.

A free night although a two pound donation is greatly appreciated (concessions £1). I apologise if names are misspelt.


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Comment left by blaidd coch on 16th April, 2010 at 21:00
Poetry rarely interests me but this review has changed me with the mention that poems are written about modern day issues such as the issues of politics. a very good review.

Comment left by fatmah on 21st August, 2011 at 22:23
you came to my college one time. i have finished college and thought about joining.