Cheap Little Thrill

New single by Matchstickmen

Reviewed by Lynda-Louise Tomlinson - 15/7/2015

Liverpool based band, Matchstickmen have recently released their brand new single "Cheap Little Thrill". Lewis Wright's vocals carry an echo of Jim Morrison however the guitar intro and the "nah nah nah nah"s still wouldn't cause them to stand out among the plethora of indie rock bands trying to make it on the scene these days, despite their last single, "For No Reason" reaching number 18 in the iTunes Rock Charts on it's first week of release.

Their first album, Through Hell and Kept Going was released in November 2011 via MainLine Records. "Cheap Little Thrill" is from their forthcoming second album "From Our Own Ashes" through Holier Than Thou Records.

With their influences ranging from Guns and Roses to Pearl Jam, Matchstickmen - vocalist Lewis Wright, guitarist Peter Donnelly, bassist Iain Forsyth and drummer Dave Hornby, have achieved plenty of radio play and have opened for acts such as Electric Six, The Quireboys, Graham Bonnet, INME, Taking Dawn, The Alarm, Skin and The Trews.

Cheap Little Thrill is an uptempo, inoffensive rock track with a grunge like swing bound for the festivals and rock venues of 2015.

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