CHAOSMOS II - 2010 Contemporary Art Exhibition Programme

Part of Liverpool’s Independent Biennial 2010
View Two Gallery, 23 Mathew Street, L2 6RE
Till Saturday 2nd October 2010

Review by Gayna Rose Madder

Chaosmos II is curated by lead artist Chris Boyd, who won Channel 4’s Big Art Challenge, Fact’s Microwave Award and the Priestley prize. He bears the mixed blessing of having been described as a ‘genius’ by Brian Sewell, an art critic not renowned for conferring faint praise (or, often, any). His arts initiative here shows the research and development of a gamut of artwork in different media, animations, video and live art.

Chaosmos, a Joycean coinage describing the paradoxical combination of order and disorder, integrates a range of traditional artistic and artisan skills with cutting-edge post-production techniques. The exhibition features a fascinating collection of international and renowned art in a thought-provoking, sometimes startling array.

James Roper's large paintings give an insight into the complexity of this show. Like Rorschach tests his images ask to be interpreted in many different ways. A group at the exhibition variously identified one image as a 'Morrocan leather statuette', a 'nun' and a 'ghost', while another was a 'series of underground tunnels' and an 'umbilical cord.' The internecine plots lie somewhere between fractal computer imagery and forensic diagrams.

This is a departure even for the innovative View Two gallery, and well worth a visit even though there is so much to see in this Biennial. A huge exhibition over three floors, put some time aside to do it justice.

Artists include: Chris Boyd, Megan Chapman, Gordon Cheung, Mat Collishaw, Peter Eramian, C. James Fagan, Steven Heaton, Maggie Lambert, Lady Lillith Leveigh, Zan Lyons, Ashleigh Nankivell, David Ogle, Jonas Pihl, James Roper, Boo Saville, Masahiro Tomioka, Jane Ward, Boris Zakic and others plus writers Peter Eramian, Penny Goring, Nina Miall, Kenji Siratori, Sam Skinner; Suzie Saw, and others.

Chaosmos 11 (Independents Liverpool Biennial 2010)

Curator: Chris Boyd (Lead Artist)
Email: boydism[at]
Viewing can be arranged by appointment for Sunday - Wednesday by contacting the curator.

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