Cathedral Space

Colin Taylor
Liverpool Cathedral
7th March – 26th April 2011

Reviewed by Sandra Gibson

Feeling the Cathedral.

Colin Taylor’s dignified and inspiring explorations of the Cathedral space are individually placed on the walls at eye level. These vigorous bursts of drama in black and white, using chalk, graphite, charcoal and cast iron powder give a heightened experiential sense of the Cathedral and it is extraordinary that the artist has managed to convey the monumental dimensions and power of this building in modestly sized drawings. It is the artist’s subjective communication of the experience of the space that makes this possible. These studies are expressionistic, fresh and alive – you can feel the almost frantic exertion with which they were executed. They are flash-points of energy against the static background of this weighty, formidable building giving the same sense of mystery one finds in dreams.

The drawings in Colin Taylor’s Liverpool Cathedral Series are as much about the mind of the artist as they are about the building itself.

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