Cat In The Hat

Adapted by Katie Mitchell
Directed by Paul Taylor-Mills
Liverpool Playhouse
14th - 16th May 2015

Reviewed by Darren Guy

"I really liked it; I liked it when all the bubbles came down from the ceiling. I got a bit scared when the ‘thing 2’ was suddenly sitting behind me." (Bobbi Age 9)

Based on the book by Dr Seuss, The Cat in the Hat is a wacky alternative magical show. It taps in perfectly to children's psyche.

Sally and Conrad are two bored kids, nothing to do, home alone, when suddenly a talking cat comes to visit them, creating a madcap entertaining afternoon, bringing his friends along for the ride.

There are not many shows for kids staged in the theatre that are intelligent, on their level, that fire over the heads of adults into the brains of children, but this is one of them. A great show for kids age three +. Great excitement, engagement, interaction with the audience, great costumes and sets.

My one criticism is that the shows are billed at times that are largely inaccessible for kids who are present iat school. Maybe this is deliberate. The show is largely aimed at younger children, maybe those not yet attending school. Apart from that, if your kids are three to seven years-old take them along. They’ll enjoy the show.

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