Written and performed by Lewis Bray
Directed by Matt Rutter and Chris Tomlinson
Liverpool Playhouse Studio
3rd February - 14th February 2015

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This matinee performance I attended was spoilt by a female member of the audience constantly guffawing with hysterical laughter, somewhat creating a distraction from my viewing of what was being created on stage.

Lewis Bray, a graduate of the YEP Actors Programme, gives an account, of what is his debut play, of Jack, his younger brother, who is autistic.

Jack inhabits a world in which he believes various cartoon characters to be real.

Lewis plays the part of teenage Jack, as well as his mum, Bev, and Dad, Nige, who constantly takes puffs of e-cigarettes.

Although comical, cue shrill laughter from you know who, serious points are put across, for instance, the way 'ordinary people. look upon people with autism, as if they were freaks.

For some bizarre reason Bev went abroad on a two-week holiday, leaving Jack under the care of Lewis at their home in Moreton - Lewis described Moreton as "having a roundabout and a clock, which does not work." Her absence led to Jack suffering high stress levels resulting in him not defecating for two weeks!

An earlier version of this production was featured in the Everyword festival held at the Everyman theatre last year. It was just over an hour long. This time it was split into two 45 minutes sets. But the main thrust of the story was spelled out in the first half, leaving the second half unnecessary.

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