Call Me Dragon

These Monsters

Album review by Nadia Baha

Call me traditional, but I like songs with lyrics. I want to know what the band has to say and I am interested in how they express their opinion, view on politics or emotions. I love words and I always 'listen out' for them in songs.

So when I got given this CD to write a review about it, I had a look at it and the titles of the songs sounded great. I was eager to listen to the songs …

Well, there were songs on the CD, but my waiting for the lyrics was in vain. Obviously, These Monsters are a band that don’t need lyrics to express emotions – you can hear them in the music. Long or very short pieces of music, or noise patterns really, like an abstract painting that slowly makes its way into your brain and you make it your own, you give it your own meaning.

That’s what happens with me and Call Me Dragon – the songs grew on me and I gave them my own meaning, my own words. That’s what it’s all about. For me, at least.

I have not a lot of experience with listening to CDs like this. I have heard lots of bands live but CDs? No, not really. So this CD opened my ears to new sounds, sounds that struck me as refreshing and original.


1. Call Me Dragon
2. Dirty Messages
3. Who Is This Tall Sick Man
4. Biggie and Tupac
5. Harry Patton
6. Space Ritual
7. Deaf Machine

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