Black Sea (15)

Directed by Kevin MacDonald
Picturehouse, Liverpool
From 5th December 2014

Review by Colin Serjent

Sorry about the terrible pun, but this submarine drama is a substandard film. it is clunky as the battered old Russian sub used in the hunt for Nazi gold bullion lying in an abandoned U-boat, languishing at the bottom of the Black Sea.

It has little to commend it, and the 115 minutes I spent watching it seemed to pass ever so slowly, almost as ponderous as the plot and banal dialogue.

Despite a lot of the movie being spent in the claustrophobic setting of the submarine, with a known psychopath on board, it had little tension or suspense.

Jude Law took the role of Robinson, the embittered captain, who, after being axed from his former job with the Royal Navy, was given the task of assembling a group of old sailors, including several Russian tars - inevitably they were portrayed in a stereotypical manner - stern but very excitable at the same time - plus a novice teenager, to plunder the $40m gold bounty under the bows of the Russian Navy.

Surprise, surprise, the lust for wealth turns various crew members against each other, adding to the tired old format and dated feel of the film.

Das Boot this is not!

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