Beside The Seaside

A Teapot Tantrum Theatre Production
Written by Jennifer Bea, directed by Joe Shipman
Unity Theatre
March 15th – 17th 2012

Reviewed by Sarah Ryan

Merseyside theatre company Teapot Tantrum dish up a humorous and sometimes cautionary tale of a group of students thrown together in a student flat who set out on a day trip to Blackpool for a bit of bonding.

The slightly ditzy and eternally upbeat Mags persuades her fellow flatmates that a bit of a breeze at the end of the pier is what they all need to break down those barriers. However, this disparate ‘fab four’ discover more about each other than they bargained for and bring a whole new comedy meaning to ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’! Staged on a minimalistic set, the cast skilfully navigate us through their adventures and the audience are taken on a rollercoaster ride in this interesting and often funny comedy drama.

The cast is delightful and Jennifer Bea, who also wrote the play, brings a wonderfully fey quality to the character of Mags. Directed by Joe Shipman, Beside The Seaside makes it’s second outing, featuring a young cast which includes Jennifer Bea, Gemma Louise Brodrick, Tom Hosker and David Barlow. As a young and ambitious theatre group, formed only four years ago, Teapot Tantrum have delivered a comedy drama that both challenges and makes you laugh.

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