Arty Party

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock
25th November 2010

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

As the winter seeps into our lives with its never-ending gales and soul shattering yet vaguely comforting chills, DaDaFest 2010 continues its impressive program of events with this 'arty party' at the Tate that was already packed before it had started. I walked deserted docks in the dark and chilly yet atmospheric evening to the famed gallery and didn't really know what to expect from the event besides 'the unexpected' and, well, I certainly didn't expect that much from the event before I got there.

I've been to shows at the Tate before, and found myself vaguely disappointed, but this time round there was an unabashed enthusiasm to the proceedings as people sang, danced, chatted and contorted on a seemingly random basis. However, it wasn't. This was a Carnival of the Unexpected after all, and unexpected things were to be expected, if you'll excuse the verbal contortionism there! For instance, the venue was divided roughly into different areas, including the Eye Ball Room (appropriately decorated with big eyeballs), the Relaxation Room, the Carnival Room where one could have pictures taken in character as a clown via the cut outs, and much more!

The main hub of activity was the Eye Ball Room though, where people of all abilities were enjoying some edgy music, art projections and other activities such as getting "Carnival'd" up in face paint, sketched by a stereotypical faux Parisian artist in a beret and stripy shirt, or just drinking and chatting mostly amiably in the semi darkness. I saw many smiles, people with art books purchased from the wonderful shop clutched in their paws and much more. This whole show was put together by disabled persons for disabled persons, and at times there was an unabashed and rare enthusiasm present in the atmosphere that was undeniable and almost infectious. Certainly, the idea of persons with a disability being somehow miserable was easily refuted on this entertaining night of entertainment, which culminated with a performance from The Fish Police, a funk and hip hop group with some unique songs in their artillery.

The performance The Fish Police gave was a taut yet fun one, reminiscent of George Clinton or The Time, with such admittedly silly songs about chickens (the moment the singer encouraged the audience to do the chicken dance was jaw dropping yet somehow perfect as half the crowd joined in!), Japanese girls who don't do their homework, and pizza. If I was raising my eyebrows slightly, then the rest of the crowd were raising their feet as the band got the audience moving and the cameras flashing.

All in all, it was a fun night. It seems that DaDaFest is in full swing and ready for action!

Come and have a look before the events finish, you won't regret it!

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Comment left by john wignell on 4th March, 2011 at 22:45
Fantastic made my day. yours stereotypical faux Parisan Artist anythime.