Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
15th November 2014

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Both Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve, who comprise prog-ambient band Arc, have been recording electronic music since the late 70s.

Apparently they are heavily influenced by synth-rock pioneers Tangerine Dream and former member of TD, Klaus Schulze, as well as Jean-Michel Jarre.

Without wishing to be too unkind the nine pieces they played at the Capstone, each lasting between five and seven minutes, was a pale imitation of TD and Schulze.

I had the privilege of seeing TD perform a memorable gig at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool in 1974, but this concert was mundane and lacking any sort of musical resonance.

What they played - there seemed little variation in what they were creating - has been done Ad infinitum. Mind-blowing this was not!

Arc have been described as second generation space music, but this is not so, more like fourth generation, and that's being generous.

Shreeve, in fanciful terms, commented that he always likens the moog synthesiser in full flight " similar to a steam train coming straight towards you. It's got a certain element of danger to the sound.".

Problem was that this particular steam train had little puff and no direction.

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