Mashemon/The Wasters/Chief

Next To Nowhere Social Centre, Bold Street
16th January 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

Not so long ago Liverpool Antifascists organised their first gig. Politically aware and conscious local bands agreed to play at this special event. Before the concert a handful of neo-nazis/skinheads turned up in front of Next To Nowhere, where the gig took place. After a discussion with the antifascists in the large majority, the few shaved heads made an exit...only to return a bit later. But they never kicked up a fuss or tried to pick a fight – well maybe they wanted to - but they had no chance. They didn’t disrupt the gig, but obviously no one shed a tear when they made their final exit and the music could go ahead without a group of people who probably share one braincell between them.

Mashemon played music that I would describe art noise with a political conscience, or if you just want one word: great. I had never heard them before and am glad I know them now. They gave away their CDs for free. Even the CD artwork is full of wit and has message.

The Wasters were all but a waste of time to watch. They are a fresh, electrifying punk band who show that they are punks not only by the clothes they wear but also in their songs.

Chief - the last band of the evening - brought the house down with their energetic show, which lead to crowd surfing and moshpitting deluxe.

This first gig was a big success – it showed that the nazis don’t stand a chance, and raised awareness as well as money for the important work of Liverpool Antifascists.

There will be more gigs – watch this space!

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