Another Earth

Directed by Mike Cahill
FACT Cinema
9th - 22nd December 2011

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

According to NASA apparently there are possibly millions of Earth-like planets in the universe, each bearing just the proper conditions for the appearance and evolution of life.

Furthermore NASA recently confirmed the existence of another Earth in Kepler-22b.

Well one of them looms large in this somewhat implausible sc-fi film.

Earth 2, as it is imaginatively titled, contains every living body that inhabit our blue ball, including Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling). After spending several years in jail she seeks redemption for killing a musician's wife and child in a car crash, caused through staring at the new phenomenon.

Unaware of Rhoda's past, he befriends her. She then wins a competition to fly to the planet, which she feels would help her assuage her guilt.

The storyline becomes even more far-fetched, with the final seconds of the film a total cop-out.

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