Congratulations; Thank You + I'm Sorry

Animal Prufrock
Righteous Babe Records

Music review by Sebastian Gahan 22/2/2011

Time has passed since the release of this amazingly uplifting album, and despite that fact I feel compelled to tell the peeps of the world of its existence. The said amount of time has been around four months actually, but still I love this album like Rooibos tea on a Sunday afternoon.

Like the best releases from Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label, this is a surprising and unique release and that should be no surprise when you consider its creator is Animal Prufrock, from the legendary Bitch and Animal. Now solo and active in many facets of the creative world, this release is a stylistic palette of the most quirky elements of the former duo's most divisive work and the more accessible sound of Ani DiFranco's more recent work. No surprise, as the producer of Congratulations; Thank You + I'm Sorry is Ani DiFranco herself. But if a rebel rousing torrent of guitar is what you were expecting, think again. There are Italian lyrics, drum machines, emo ballads, funny accents and much more besides, but this isn't a disconnected hotchpotch of nonsense lyrics and gimmicks. Far from it; it's an emotionally satisfying record of love songs to a somebody.

Songs such as Love Me Love Me, a laugh out loud funny and touching song with an unforgettably stage showy chorus, and Voglio, an Italian sung piece with dance beats and a bizarre but funky sound, show the creativity of Prufrock at her best and although there is a nod to Bitch and Animal's sound in the obviously titled Cosmic Tranny, it's an affectionate one that adds to the charm of the album rather than standing out like the proverbial guy in a dyke bar. The usual themes of LGBT issues discussed seriously, but still laugh out loud, agreeably mix with the relationship themes and if you're of an open mind, none of this will (or should) really phase you. The world of Animal Prufrock is creative, certainly radical, and if this record is anything to go by, as happy and strong as ever.

Highly recommended to all with adventurous taste and good ears!

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