Angels’ Share (15)

Directed by Ken Loach
On general release from 1st June 2012

Reviewed by John Owen

A masterpiece of simplicity. A tale of redemption set in Glasgow today, with sub-trainspotting losers doing community service, bound together by a cycle of violence and strife, in pointless existence just short of Dante’s Inferno.

Given a chance by their mentor they go to a Scottish distillery to see how the fine malts are produced and so become engaged in a thrilling battle to outwit the top echelons of the whisky establishment.

Main protagonist psycho Robbie (Paul Brannigan), whose girlfriend has recently given birth and who is described by the judge as a thug, warns him, “It’s no crime or the highway for me and you.” So he gathers his motley crew, kilting up to swindle the malty malt of legend their gaffer (John Henshaw) dreams of. They do this with ease and aplomb and a couple of old Tizer bottles.

Whizzing a million dollars’ worth of Scotch under the auctioneers’ noses they appear to get away Whisky Galore style but tragedy strikes hard at them. Will they win out in the end? Go and see - find out.

Soundtrack by The Proclaimers fills the space and highlights the beauty and vastness of the Highlands with warmth and pace. The whole film is a joy from start to finish and went down very well at the Cannes Film Festival too. Like all Scotch should.

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