Angels Of Evil (15)

Vallanzasca: Gli angeli del male
Directed by Michele Placido
Based on the biography of Renato Vallanzasca by Carlo Bonini
Screening at FACT Liverpool from 27th May 2011
(In Italian with subtitles)

Reviewed by Michelle McKay

This is the true story of a notorious Italian bankrobber who captured the nation's imagination, as much for his daring escapes from custody as his brutal and ruthless crimes. It is fast-paced, stylish, and totally conveys the era of the 1970s complete with fabulous fashion, when Vallanzasca was in his heyday (so to speak) and how the life of crime was second nature to him.

He became something of a cult hero as his exploits were covered in the media on almost a daily basis, and the film (whilst not glamorising violence) demonstrates how Vallanzasca would not hesitate to kill anyone that got in his way or was a hindrance to his escapades, be they fellow criminals, police, kith or kin. However it also portrayed his more tender side which emerged in relation to his parents.

Superb performances from the cast all round but particularly from Kim Rossi Stuart who plays the lead role with great aplomb, as well as being co-writer of the screenplay and dialogue. Viewers will be pleased to see on the final credits that crime doesnt pay, and Vallanzasca has got his just desserts.

See interview with Kim Rossi Stuart about meeting Renato Valanzasca:

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