All Sorts

Egg Cafe, Newington Street
24th June - 18th July 2010

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

‘All sorts’ is an expression that can imply so much, but all too often can often end up meaning too much. In this case, however, it’s a good thing.

Showing at the wonderfully named - but sadly not shaped as such - Egg café just off Bold Street, the show is literally all sorts of pieces from local, grassroots artists. There is no particular uniting theme, no unnecessary gimmick or over bearing publicity, it is merely a selection of art that is more than just all sorts of pieces thrown together. That is, if there was ever a need to call something pure, uninhibited or just plain excellent, it’s for the function of describing All Sorts in one word. Yes, All Sorts is excellent.

There is a great feeling of creativity amongst the forty pieces on offer and that, in a way, is the theme here. Creativity and the local essence of it! Arguably, there is more fresh faced and pure creativity on display here than at a comparable more commercial gallery and it is genuinely fascinating. Rather than the more considered, subtle directions that more established or moneyed creatives often veer off into, these works are raw expression at its best. For a good example of this, see the various pieces WEAREALLLOST has contributed and wonder just how the artist’s mind works. ‘Intersect’, a four piece canvas set, is well worth a look for this reason. Other artist’s contributions also worth noting are ‘Manarola’ from Bryn Gerard - a fascinating cityscape that is delicate yet highly passionate - and Rebecca Watson’s ‘Untitled’ - a piece of latex covered in food dye and glue that is brilliant in its sheer spontaneity. Emma Stuart’s various pieces are all worth a look as well for the same DIY values!

I could go on, but you really have to go to Egg café to see the whole collection over a good meal and a relaxing drink to truly appreciate the value of All Sorts.

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