Alice In Dingleland

Written and performed by Dingle Community Theatre
At various venues across Liverpool, from Feb 2nd - 17th, 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

Dingle Community Theatre and their youth group L8 have been working very hard to create a scouse pantomime version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. Alice In Wonderland was one of John Lennon’s favourite books as well – just to add another Liverpool connection.

The theatre group used local settings such as the Williamson Tunnels and Princes Park, and you encounter many new characters such as the Scouse Mouse going to Benidorm or Dave the Knave, who steals the tarts prepared for the Queen of Spades but swears he is innocent.

Of course these characters represent clichés some people might have about people from Liverpool – usually, as with any other prejudices, these people judging others don’t know scousers very well (or not at all).

During the panto we meet the characters of Alice In Wonderland – scoused up. The Mad Hatter is a Mad ‘Atter, the gardeners insist on a vote whether to paint the roses red or blue and promote grassroot democracy. The audience had to decide and I am sure it is more than just a guess that decision had something to do with their favourite football team.

It is funny, the costumes are wonderful, the actors give all their heart and soul and the atmosphere was relaxed and cosy.

Alice In Dingleland is at Mount Carmel Catholic Social Club on February 2-3, the JH Makin Theatre on February 5 - 6, and the Unity Theatre on February 16 - 17. All shows start at 7pm

Not to be missed if you love Alice in Wonderland, are up for a laugh and want to see a brilliant community project!

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Comment left by Matthew Jacobson on 10th February, 2010 at 14:51
A show I would love to see again. The group are very natural, they are warm and very talented.The show provides a wonderful escape route from our normal lives - whatever normal is.Top tip to audience, dont bring any family members who wear Ug(ly)boots or gold plastic bling. xxx Griff'nettes - genius work, this act must go further xxx