Addicted To Sheep

Directed by Magali Pettier
Picturehouse, Liverpool
10th October 2015

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This is an absorbing film documentary about a tenant sheep farm based in the North Pennines, spread over the four seasons of the year. It made me think of the magic of real life.

What is particularly pleasing is that there is no sentimentality evoked at all about working in the beautiful but also harsh conditions folks have to endure in the open land, notably in the snow swept winter.

Also good to see was the total absence in Addicted To Sheep of the use of a mobile phone or computer by any of the family, Tom and Kay Hutchinson and their three young children.

Despite the sometimes unpleasant sights they have to view, such as the death of a stillborn lamb, the kids all seemed to thrive in this environment.

The film sometimes had scenes based in the local school, where most of the pupils lived on farms. Not one of them objected to living in a rural terrain or having to get up at 7 am to help out on their farm.

It was unflinching in its depiction of the hard graft and sacrifices made on ones time in running this type of business.

Countryfile this was not!!

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