Abstract Passion

Lynette Kay
Corke Art Gallery, 296-298 Aigburth Road, L17 9PW
21st Sept - 12th Oct 2013

Reviewed by Gayna Rose Madder

Lynette Kay studied with Charles Howard at the Froebel Institute, University of London and was offered a place at the Royal College of Art. Her painting draws on a profound interest in the connections between music, colour, shape and texture in the environment.

Lynette was brought up in Formby and spent her childhood beside the sea and is now based in Oxfordshire but has lived, travelled and exhibited around the world. Her work is influenced by Picasso and Renoir as well as Inuit Art in Canada and Tribal Art in South Africa. In recent years her work has been greatly influenced by John Hoyland, Cy Twombly, Richard Kidd and Gerhard Richter.

Lynette Kay's paintings are often concerned with how the paint is applied and reacts with different media. The base is treated in various ways - materials are applied in an unconventional manner and paints are mixed to allow colour separation when dry. Recent work is larger and on unprimed cotton duck with acrylics.

Lynette Kay speaking about her practice said "Georges Braque once said, "making a painting is like taking a journey" and for me, the journey is often led by music. The music dictates the starting point and the colour that is so central to my work. Whenever I hear a piece of music, I see explicit colours, movement, shapes and textures in my head - a phenomenon, where one sense overlaps another, known as "Synaesthaesia".

Nic Corke, curator and owner of the Corke Gallery said "I am delighted to be showing Lynette's stunning paintings which express her dazzling passion for life and its contradictions. Lynette successfully negotiates the boundaries between structured formalism and expressive, intuitive abstraction. Her paintings leave the viewer with an insight into a new reality, untapped emotions or senses through her bold and varied palette which combines delicate details amongst sharp brushstrokes."

Lynette Kay, originally from Formby, but now, after travelling and exhibiting around the world, is based in Oxfordshire. The show at Corke Gallery in September was called Abstract Passion, because it's all abstract painting that really fills you with passion - it's bright, immediate and full of passion.

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