Fifty-One Shades of Maggie

Showing at The Epstein Theatre
27th, 28th September 2013

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

Fifty-One Shades of Maggie started life as a spoof blog on Facebook written by Leesa Harker; it was so well received it went viral; amassing a huge following in a short time it was destined to be specially adapted for the stage. Starting off in Belfast it is now touring bringing the naughtiness of Maggie Muff to 27 stages nationwide. With Adele Silva of Emmerdale fame taking the lead in this one woman play, with her loveable character Maggie Muff, we follow her search for love and explore the kinky relationship she begins with her very own 'Mr Big'.

With hints of Sex and the City's Samantha, Maggie loves sex, she enjoys it and she enjoys the various men she does it with. After being let down by most men in her life, she finds solace in casual sex and seems to enjoy her lifestyle, at least until a chance meeting with 'Mr Big'. Mr Big intrigues her, excites her, and soon becomes all she can think about. As their sexual relationship develops he introduces her to the world of s&m. He takes pleasure in dominating her in his 'private room of pain' and Maggie's eyes are opened to a whole new world of pleasure. When 'Mr Big' suggests a contract where he dresses her and dominates her in all aspects of her life, Maggie's attraction and self worth are pushed to the limit. 'Mr Big' can offer her a world of travel and the nicer things in life that she can't afford, but at what cost?

Adele Silva is superb in this naughty little play; she manages to fill an entire stage and has the whole audience eating out of her hand. With hilarious moments, cheeky moments and simply laugh so hard you might wee moments, this had everything for a girls night out, perfect for hen nights of which there were a few in. I was surprised to find that at one poignant part of the play I was close to tears as I had invested in Maggie and really felt for her - surely the mark that Adele Siva had nailed it! I would whole heartedly recommend this play for a fun girls night out!

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