20lb Sounds

The Nerve Centre at FACT
Friday 1st April 2011

Review and photograph by Sebastian Gahan

The life of a journalist is one of perfect busyness and enjoyment in many forms and so it was that I arrived at the Insurrection on a chilly afternoon that was fast becoming an unseasonal evening to witness a band whom I have seen before at the previous incarnation of The Nerve Centre.

20lb Sounds are as their name suggests all about making a good noise. Of course, it's a melodic noise and that makes it all the better. For this show they played an acoustic set for the first time and kept making joking reference to it with one liners about 'folking up' and 'shutting the folk up.' Frankly, I love jokes so I was along and smiling and when the music was being played I was enjoying it even more.

Lead by Dan Lynch - who may be known to many readers as the generous voice of Rathole Radio, who regularly charms our ears with a variety of Creative Commons sourced music via his excellent radio show - the band say on their website that they are at the beginning of a journey but that is the same for all artists and I enjoyed the songs they played, such as a song sourced from their new El Bubblino E.P. called Jimmy Carter which apparently has created a situation whereby people keep sending the band updates on said ex-President's whereabouts and actions! 'People think we're really into Jimmy Carter and they keep sending me updates on his travels and weird facts about him!' said Lynch with a laugh before opening the song.

It's bluesy swing on E.P. is less evident in the acoustic format but the charming conceit of using his name only because it fits the melody is brilliant enough to win over the harshest of audiences. The band gave thanks at one point for the audience 'not wondering off to do something else when many have done so before' and it is an act that surely would be ill informed when there is so much on offer with the bands music. It's a testament to 20lb Sound that their acoustic set is as much of a charm as their regular louder version

A cover of the Redemption Song was also successful and a never before played song Makes No Sense also impressed. Another good night of music at the Insurrection! To hear more of the band see the link below:


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