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Fool Butterfly Location 2

Artist Profile - Debbie Ryan

Debbie has specialized in mosaics and painting since graduating in 2002 with a degree in Fine Art. She has recently set up as a freelance artist, selling and producing artwork to commission. Debbie is also developing art workshops within the community, specializing in mosaic making.

Her artwork was shown on the BBC television programme, 'Rolf on Lowry', in 2007. She was one of fifteen artists invited to an event to produce work based on Lowry's painting, 'Piccadilly Gardens'.

Debbie worked within a team of artists in a residency project based in Bootle at the beginning of 2007. The project explored local history, culture and identity, through artwork created in workshops with local community groups. She hoped to realize all the aims of the project through the collaborative creation of a scaled down mosaic house, which was exhibited in Stanley Road.


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