'Why Didn't You Tell Me?'

Arena Studios Exhibition, Duke Street, until March 27th

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The quirkily titled exhibition, 'Why Didn't You Tell Me?', at the Arena Studios Gallery in Duke Street, brings together the work of six artists, featuring three who have studios in Arena, and three based outside of Liverpool.
The three Arena artists were each asked to select one artist they know to exhibit with them, and who perhaps produce a similar style of art work to themselves.

'Why Didn't You Tell Me?' raises the question of who you know in the exhibition contact network.
"The title of the exhibition refers to the sharing of information and knowledge between artists," said Paul Luckraft, the co-ordinator of this exhibition.
One idea behind the exhibition was for Arena to stage a show of its own, while several other Arena artists were exhibiting at the same time at the Bluecoat Arts Centre.

Luckraft describes his work in the show as being "abstract paintings constrained by the media saturated environment." His three pieces (acrylic on canvas) are representations of TV white noise.

Dabl 256 (aka Craig Daniels) produces graffiti of an urban feel. His most striking image, done with sprayed paint on canvas, includes two superbly crafted faces, while Mark Dowery paints over sculptural pieces (acrylic and mixed media on canvas); and Stok has created three small format childlike cartoons, each costing £1800!

Harriet Clarke directly prints pin-hole photographs on to coloured photography paper - her subject matter being a renovated coach house. Clarke's small format images possess a dark but warm tone.

There is a nostalgic aspect to the exhibition with the work of Tabitha Moses, who uses old and discarded materials. Housed in an old cake display stand, she houses inside it old nurses' cuffs and collars as well as other fabrics.

"It is a homage to the past," commented Luckraft.

The Arena are planning in the future to stage poetry nights and acoustic music events in the exhibition space. If you have any ideas regarding the use of this space, other than for exhibitions, contact 0151-707 9879 or e-mail arenastudios@clara.co.uk