Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (U)

Directed by Steve Box & Nick Park
On general release from October 14th 2005

Reviewed by Stazia & Lucia Lenkiewicz

My first impression of the film, Wallis and Gromit was very funny. My favourite character was Gromit because he made me laugh a lot. Before I went to the film I thought it would be quite boring but I thoroughly enjoyed it from the start. I would recommend it to children everywhere. I think everyone who watches it will feel the same way as I did. I would have watched it better if I hadn’t been so hot.

Stazia Lenkiewicz (Age 9)

I thought Wallis and Gromit was funny because they acted silly. My favourite characters were Totty and Gromet. I liked the vegetables. I liked it when Gromet dressed up as a girl bunny. I thought it was funny when the bunny’s bounced on the bouncy things. I think instead of a carrot trophy it should be a cabbage trophy. I think instead of the name Totty it should be Betty. I thought it was funny when Totty was at the door and bunny fur grew on Wallis.

Lucia Lenkiewicz (Age 7)

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