Weeding Cane

Written by Sonia Hughes, Directed by Wyllie Longmore
Unity Theatre, 14th-15th March 2006

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This debut production by Weeding Cane – a group named after this play - is a simple story, written by Sonia Hughes and directed by Wyllie Longmore, which uses just two actresses.

After her grandmother Nen Nen (Juliet Ellis) dies in the West Indies, Joy (Carla Henry) travels to England and is re-united with her mother, who had left her behind when she emigrated to the UK. This is based on real life experiences, which took place during the 1950s.

Joy finds it difficult to adjust to life in this country and even more so with her Mama, played by Ellis. The sense of rejection and alienation felt by Joy about the way she was abandoned by her mother when she was a young child is deep and bitter.

Using a no frills stage set and with the occasional use of lighting, together with evocative music played on the double bass by Jim Parris, this is an enthralling play. Lasting less than an hour, it contains insightful dialogue and raises some profound points about lost love and the suffering of being alone.

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