The Way Home

Written by Chloe Moss, Directed by Sue Dunderdale
Everyman Theatre (20th October - 11th November 2006)

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The Way Home, an Everyman in-house production written by Liverpool-born Chloe Moss, is an engaging tale of the enmity between two families from the city, who live close to each other on Oil Street, but are worlds apart in many ways.

One family resides in a suburban house, while the other - comprised of Irish travellers - live in a trailer.

The play revolves around people's lack of self identity, disintegrating relationships and the boredom of family life.

The two families are brought into contact with one another when Bobby (Joe Shipman) - who repeatedly plays truant from school due to bullying - forms a friendship of sorts with one of the travellers’ sons, Daniel (Eamonn Owens).

The two teenagers share dark thoughts about the future of the world and other weighty matters, not least the mask of deceit each of their families hide behind.

Despite the sparse stage design, the play has a well paced direction, with witty down to earth dialogue.

Although a sense of inner torment is felt by many of the characters, there are light hearted moments in another outstanding drama by Moss.

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