Waterfall by Victoria HepworthVictoria Hepworth

Almiro Gallery, Waterloo
20th April - 13th May 2007

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Young Merseyside artist Victoria Hepworth (who produces her paintings in her mum's garage!), is staging her first solo exhibiiton - composed of all new work dating back only six months - at the acclaimed Almiro Gallery in Waterloo.

Her subject matters are predominantly landscapes, seascapes and waterscapes. The mediums she uses to create what are - in most cases - fascinating abstractions, are acrylics with acrylic mediums, watercolours, gouache and inks.

Victoria, who is a prolific painter, is strongly inspired in her work by her emotions - she describes herself as a very emotional person - whether of anger, frustration or elation.

One interesting aspect of her work is that viewers are welcome to touch her paintings. Maybe by doing this they feel, literally and figratively, a closer affinity with her creations.

'Truth Be Known' and 'Rollercoaster' complement each other, with both paintings composed of predominantly detailed red and white components. They have, as is the case with some of her other work, an influence in them of the abstract expressionist maestro Jackson Pollock, with dense drip and splash effects.

Victoria also creates simpler compositions, for instance, 'Cake'. Initially it was going to be a complex piece but instead she decided to keep it uncomplicated.

Her fiery emotions are fully expressed in 'Rush'. After starting to compose it, she decided to leave it for a couple of weeks. Following a break-up of a personal relationship she returned to it, and in her words, "..attacked it", in finishing the composition.

'Forest' is suffused with many patterns of various green patterns, and 'Earthy Effects' reminded me of deserts.

Probably one of the most impressive pieces on show, in an outstanding exhibiiton, is 'Waterfall', composed of many rich and colourful textures.

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