Utopia Colours

George Lund
Art @ Unity Theatre
17 January to 25 February 2006 (during opening hours)

Reviewed by Mandy McFarland

Self-taught Liverpool-based artist George Lund displays his hyper-vibrant solo exhibition ‘Utopia Colours’ within the appropriately theatrical setting of the Unity.

Lund is renowned for producing undeniably unique artwork in mixed medium, representing Liverpool’s iconic and suburban scenes populated by wonderfully bizarre beings and creatures, and this riotous collection is well worth viewing as each one lifts the spirit and provokes a smile. I won’t give too much away, but you’ll spot and recognise the focus of each piece and it will make you look twice.

As well as work from his own imagination he also recreates old masters’ classics, such as Van Gogh’s bedroom, recontextualised within Lund's naive/abstract expressionist style.

Lund’s work has a freshness, energy, liveliness and abundance of almost fluorescent colour that embodies colourful, passionate abstractions of space and time.

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