The Uncanny

Cur: Mike Kelley, Tate Liverpool, £4/£3

Reviewed by Adam Ford

Sigmund Freud defined the uncanny as being "a hidden, familiar thing that has undergone repression and then emerged from it". Mike Kelley elaborates on this theme by bringing a motley collection of models, paintings and so much more to the Tate this spring.

The central elements of this exhibition are a number of menacing sculptures, which Kelley claims represent human figures trapped between life and death. Hmm. Around this axis a vast array of bewildering and menacing images compete for your attention, from puppets and stuffed animals to the almost obligatory Damien Hirst grotesque.

So if you're feeling a bit too full of the joys of spring and want to be jolted out of your reverie, you are a very strange creature indeed. The Uncanny is definitely the exhibition for you.