Photo of The Sound of Guns by Dave EvansThe Howls/The Deconstructors/The Sound Of Guns

Barfly, Seel Street
3rd July 2008

Reviewed by Nigel Harrison and Alice Lenkiewicz

I was very impressed by The Howls. The lead singer had a powerful voice and good stage presence. The band was quite sexy in the way they put themselves over in rock n roll style. There was a good communication between the band and the audience and the lead singer and the overall band were linked up in terms of energy and communication.
The music was quite indie and rock n roll. It reminded me a little bit at times of a group I heard, way back in the eighties when I was living in America, American's premiere psychedelic cowboy band, New Riders. That was the feeling I got from them.
Overall, I thought they were funky and I could have watched them throughout the evening.

I thought the band came across brilliantly to a crowded room who were quite taken aback by the great music and guitar riffs. I thought the drummer was really tight.They really got the crowd going.
The band was very passionate about the music and they tuned into the crowd. I also liked the way they spoke to the crowd and addressed them. I thought they were quite rocky but not quite as rocky as the second band which was called The Sound of Guns.

The Sound of Guns (photo above)

I preferred the previous band to this one but I could see how this band were pretty cool. I did like them. The lead singer was a true scouser and not afraid to rock the crowd. He reminded me a bit of Jim Morrison and had a lot of stage presence, not afraid to jump onto a podium and shout out his thoughts. Very atmospheric and well worth watching. As I listened to them, I felt as if I was walking through a subway in the early 1970s towards a group of people and the sun was shining with a little rain here and there. Great band to watch. I think they will do well

I thought this band was great. Loved the way it started off with a kind of light show displayed around the drum kit.
They began with powerful riffs then the singer’s powerful voice which got to the crowd.The whole room was absolutely chocker and the whole crowd were jumping around and enjoying it. The lead guitarist let his guitar sing through middle eights and solos. The drummer was really tight. The band were integrating with themselves and the lead singer was standing up on the speakers having fun with the crowd. Overall, I felt this band made the night.

The bands The Deconstructors and Kids From Argentina also took part in the gig.

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