Terry Titter For Christmas, With All The Trimmings

Unity Theatre (13th-15th & 20th-22nd December 2007)

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

A lot of the audience at the Unity Theatre thought Terry Titter (Terry Kilkelly) was hilarious but my friend and I barely raised a smile at his inane antics never mind a titter.

The nadir of his show was when he cracked a 'joke' in which he said the only thing starving African kids have got is flies in their eyes - a number of the audience actually laughed.

His performance was derivative of a lot of far better British comedians, dating back to the 1970s, especially Dick Emery and Tommy Cooper.

The characters he adopts include an idiot scouser, a drippy spook finder who seemed more concerned about whether his mum had prepared his sandwiches properly, and, dressed up as a woman, Renee Titter, who falls victim to an invisible rapist.

To call this 75-minute performance puerile would be giving this unfunny man too much praise.

He is wasted on stage - he should have a primetime slot on ITV, where he would be appreciated.

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