Super Size Me

Written and Directed by Morgan Spurlock
Screening at FACT from 24th September 2004

Reviewed by Adam Ford

It is only a couple of months since Michael Moore unleashed Fahrenheit 9/11, but now Morgan Spurlock is stepping up to the plate to hit corporate America for another homer. This time the subject is Joe America‘s rapidly expanding waistline, and the class action lawsuit filed by some of McDonalds’ most loyal customers against the hand that fed them.

Now obviously there is the question of personal responsibility here, but then Spurlock’s physicians thought his month-long McDiet was irresponsible anyway. For thirty days he ate McDonalds products for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and went from being of above average health to being a physical wreck. Not that surprising really, and the company certainly wouldn't advise anyone to eat this way (although they'd probably like it if they did).

More interesting is Spurlock’s exposé of the fast food marketing philosophy. His investigation uncovers just how a carefully-crafted combination of parties, bright colours and of course good old Ronald himself attract children before chemicals hook them and give the golden arches a customer for life (however long that might be).

Morgan Spurlock piles horror upon horror but he has the Michael Moore gift for sending his troops out of the cinema with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. Just don’t forget your supersized popcorn...