Stephen Langstaff

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

When there is nothing else that comes close to the exhilarating experience of making great music, then one has purpose and conviction to become a masterful musician. In Stephen Langstaff you will find a driven and impressive musical artist who has empowered himself to write, sing and produce ‘Sunbeams’ his debut album.

Twenty-four year old ‘urbane bred’ Langstaff heard his calling for music very early in his life and remembers its influences from as young as four years old. At eleven he was presented with a guitar for his birthday and wasted no time in writing his first song at that responsive and sensitive age. ‘Songs gave me something that I couldn't get from football or school’, he expresses.

There are thirteen tracks bursting from this bedrock album, which will pull at the strings of your heart and head. All bar one of the melodies are originals, track seven being a cover of Kylie Minogue’s ballad ‘Confide In Me’ and Stephen has even taken this and resurrected it with complete ingenuity.

This collection is ‘spirited and rescuing’ music, where there is definitive string movement, tambourine auspices and haunting feminine harmonies. It is ‘runaway faraway’ fusion music full of cherish and intimacy. The album was produced by Langstaff at his ‘Matchbox Studios’. A word of recommendation, this is an album to play whilst ‘making love’ and let’s face it this world is in need of more love. To help the cause, get your caring hands on a copy of ‘Sunbeams’.

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