Story of a Rabbit

Everyman Theatre (13th-17th May 2008)

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

There will be a time in all our lives when we will loose someone who we love completely, when for a brief moment your life stops and your heart breaks and the simple things suddenly become difficult.

Hugh Hughes tells the story of how his neighbour’s rabbit died in his care, his Story of a Rabbit is told in parallel with the story of when his father died. Hugh and his friend Aled put on a multimedia performance using slides, musical instruments and an action man drowning in saw dust to tell this sad story. However the Welsh duo tells it with a lilting, humorous manner that feels innocent and beguiles. Despite the sadness of the subject matter you don’t feel sad yourself, I felt elated and almost cheerful, with a calm settled sense.

This feeling had infected the whole audience because as we queued to shake Hugh’s hand and say goodbye we were all smiling at each other. Together we had laughed and some had cried but we had watched a play that was essentially about death but had left us elated.

Hugh’s Story of a Rabbit was a lovely performance that was comforting and life-affirming.

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