Photograph by Colin LaneThe Story of Alice in Wonderland

Liverpool Academy of Arts, Seel Street
Until 8th August 2008, Mon-Fri 12-4pm

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

Once upon a time there was a girl called Alison and she lived in the beautiful kingdom of Liverpool. Liverpool was a magical place filled with girls who had faces orange as the sun and men wore yellow vests that were visible for miles around. Liverpool was a vibrant city and just that year the Conjurer of Culture had bestowed upon the city a very special present, it was European Capital of Culture. People would flock from far and wide to see this great city and enjoy everything it had to offer, and every available venue would hold various events in the hope of enchanting Liverpool’s visitors.

One of these venues was The Liverpool Academy of Arts where they were telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. Artists from around the region gathered and produced work that would be displayed to help tell this story. Sculptures, paintings, costumes and models were housed inside the building each one brighter and more colourful than the next.

One day Alison went to see this display and was greeted by the friendly people who worked at the Academy. However that day Alison was feeling decidedly grumpy and despite the fun and quirky objects on display she scowled and brusquely walked round the room, deciding she didn’t like this display one jot and sharn’t be returning…humph!

However later that day, as if by magic, Alison cheered up and realised that The Story of Alice in Wonderland was actually a really lovely display of work. This was certainly something that would attract the local children during their time off horrid school, especially the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that would be held every week.

Alison had realised that this was a sweetly innocent exhibition, without meaning to sound at all condescending. Liverpool truly was a cultured city with something to offer everyone including all the children, and so, Alison thought everyone will happily ever after.

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