The Steppe BrothersThe Steppe Brothers

Rejects Revenge Theatre Company
Unity Theatre, 22nd February 2006

Reviewed by Lib Murray

Rejects Revenge were established back in 1990, and have since built up a reputation as one of the country’s leading touring theatre companies. This latest offering shows the company has still got it when it comes to slick dialogue, fast paced action, and above all silliness.

Set in the latter half of the 13th century, the show follows the trials and tribulations of the legendary Steppe brothers, who ply their trade by entertaining the various armies marching towards the Holy Land looking for a whole heap of crusading.

Along the road to war a beautiful comtesse diverts her troops to sort out a little family business with her twin sister, running straight into the path of the Steppe Brothers. Cue much silliness and hilarity. The three performers play a host of comic characters - including a talking potato - dealing with many a quick costume change along the way. As the story enfolds and secrets emerge, the comtesse even points out that her and her twin sister have never been seen in the same room!

The script is as sharp as a pointy stick that’s just been sharpened; the performances carry both subtlety and timing (there are even flying arrows and ingenious levels of disguise!), and the increasingly layered storytelling just adds to the silliness of the whole thing.

You may have noticed I have used the word silliness three times (well…four times), in this review. That is because The Steppe Brothers is - above all else - a loving tribute to silliness, and what the world undoubtedly needs now is a whole heap of silliness.

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