The Slide Show

Slot Machine
Unity Theatre (16th-17th September 2008)

Reviewed by Megan Agnew

Wildly original, The Slide Show is contemporary visual theatre at its best. A twee English couple attempt a cultural and informative slide show which goes horribly wrong as they accidentally unleash an ancient, chaotic force: Dionysus, god of wine and revelry. What follows is a series of absurd adventures as they flee from the establishment figures who try to repress his influence. The audience are taken on a journey and invited to explore this frenzied world which exhibits a singing guinea pig, dancing goat legs and the bizarre but riveting dance of the street scooter.

Slot Machine performers Nick Tigg and Fiona Creese are absurdly funny and deliver an offbeat but witty performance. The play’s quirky, comic soundtrack underpins its unconventional delivery and will leave you humming the tune days later. With the help of ingenious set design, Tigg and Creese weave in and out, leap from side to side and even swim their way through the fantastical events this plot has to offer.

Slot Machine brings you a gravity-defying, eclectic visual treat as Dionysus invites us all to ‘sing, dance…unmake the bed’ and, if you get confused along the way, just go with it!

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