Shine a Light (12A)

Directed by Martin Scorsese
Screening at FACT from 11th April 2008

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The new film directed by Martin Scorsese about the so-called rock rebels, multi millionaires The Rolling Stones, includes songs by the band in which certain lyrics with naughty words have been deleted from the movie in order to get a 12A rating. That's radical man!

Shine A Light documents two performances by the band which took place at New York City's Beacon Theatre in late 2006 - why has it taken Scorsese eighteen months to get this released? - but also includes historical news items and archive interviews with the band, dating back to the 1960s. I wonder why Brian Jones was not even mentioned at all during the film even though he was one of their pivotal figures when they exploded onto the rock scene.

The Stones performed a predictable list of songs - you know the ones we love and loathe - Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, blah, blah. Jagger and Richards could perform these forty-year-old tracks in their sleep, and still not miss a beat!

Among the cronies who joined them on stage were Jack White, Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera, while the rockers in the audience included the Clinton family, with former USA President Bill celebrating his 60th birthday in style. Oh Gawd, how more tacky can it get?

If you have two hours to spare and want to give even more money to this dinosaur band, this film opens at FACT on 11th April. Love and peace.

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Comment left by Sandra Gibson on 15th April, 2008 at 19:31
But didn't you find it interesting as a demonstration of band dynamics? The way Mick struts around keeping all the plates spinning; the tactile intimacy of the set-up on stage; the way Keith, half pirate half down-'n'-out uses the lower space to Mick's verticality...but I agree - you have to be a fan looking for the security blanket of all those songs. The film had me on two counts - Scorcese's editing and Jagger's single-pointedly professional pursuit of the main chance - right from the start - Brian (may he rest in peace) was never part of his plan.

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