Shaun of the Dead (15)

Directed by Edgar Wright, written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright
Screening at FACT and Odeon from 9th April 2004

Reviewed by Adam Ford

Billed as the first ever film in the ‘RomZomCom’ genre, it is also the often-hilarious Simon Pegg’s first big screen writing credit. Actors from Spaced, The Office and Black Books pop up in various roles, making it an out-and-out who’s who of modern British situation comedy.

The Winchester is an ordinary pub with regulars who already resemble the undead. So when a group of zombies attack, Shaun (Pegg) doesn’t really notice. It’s only when one turns-up in his back garden and tries to eat his brain that he senses something might be amiss. Together with his best mate Ed (Nick Frost) he becomes embroiled in a fight to save his friends and family from a fate worse than death.

Appearances from Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis and Bill Nighy lift the patchy script and the result is a reasonably funny parody of the horror genre, mixed with some amusing if clichéd social comment. If you want to be scared, see Dawn of the Dead (currently on general release). If you want a laugh, you could do worse than its near namesake.