Colin Sergent - A Face in the CrowdShadowtime

Sue Milburn and Colin Serjent
Ikonography, 31 Mathew Street (above the Beatles Shop)
2nd - 26th May 2006, Tues-Sat, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Shadowtime is the current retrospective photo project of two well-articulated artists now showing at Ikonography gallery and studio in Mathew Street. This dual display features the intrinsic works of Colin Serjent and Sue Milburn and runs until 26th May.

Serjent’s images are all non-digital, which is a rarity in this super digi technical day and age, and thus they justly evoke a hands-on ‘sensitive touch’ appeal. The prints are abstracts of shape, tone and texture with a rustic charm of mood. Colin achieves a spectrum of changing mind, his work emitting everything from evasive contentment through sombre reflection to the bright upbeat attitude of ‘Face In The Crowd’.

Sue MilburnComplementing the ambience of Colin’s work is Sue Milburn's beguiling depiction of ‘the deep'. One section of Milburn’s photography takes us into the fishy underwater world where life is serene and drifting. The images are compelling when viewed closely with some magnificent facial expressions amongst the fish. It is almost like looking through the glass into their world. Presented alongside these are an alternative and protean style of work from Sue. Splintered particles of light fracture across paper giving a paradoxical sense of ‘sound’ being received rather than image being seen.

More will follow from these artists during the Liverpool Arts Biennial later this year.

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