CC Theatre Company
Unity Theatre (22nd February 2007)

Reviewed by Adam Ford

I’d had offers to be in two other places at seven pm on 22nd February, but no, the theatre was going to be great. After all, the blurb I’d have the chance to ‘Be more than a spectator’ as the CC company ‘use multi-media technologies to address the question, what is truth?’ It would be a ‘politically charged, emotionally-provoking journey into the realm of artistic activism’. Who needs the pub when you’ve got all that? Only problem is, the spiel was a blatant lie.

Ok, so the sketches were works-in-progress, and there was the germ of a good idea in a couple of them (notably the ridiculously over-the-top yet under-rehearsed drama group, plus the drugged-up rocker who claimed to have been intimately acquainted with Johnny Cash). But there was no new thought even there, and much of the easy laughs came from facile double entendres that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Dale Winton vehicle.

Of course CC are cleverer than that. They use long words sometimes, and they know who David Cameron is. They also mention iPods, covering up for the lack of ideas with cultural references that are so 2007 and a joke borrowed from Russell Brand.

Some of the characters made reference to the fact the audience numbered fourteen, which was a ‘record’. If they don’t think of something more relevant sharpish, they won’t deserve double figures.

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