Big Wow Theatre Company
Directed by Bob Farquhar
Unity Theatre (17th July 2007)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

‘Turning pissing around into an art form’ is the mission statement from The Big Wow Theatre company, which tells you a little about their style of work.

Consisting of director and writer Bob Farquhar and performers Matt Rutter and Tim Lynsky, Big Wow is rapidly becoming known for quick wit and insightful sense of humour. Following the success of their last full length production Insomnobabble, the company return to The Unity to test out ideas for their next project.

“As yet untitled” is part of The Unity’s Scratch project, which allows companies to create and experiment with material without having to put it together in a final set show. At only £3 in and a good reputation behind them, Big Wow managed to sell out unity 2 to a host of eager audience members. They were not to be disappointed.

With loose themes of Japanese horror films and the effect of bad television on society, Matt Rutter and Tim Lynsky performed an hour of energized and incredibly funny theatre. The pair have an amazing ability to transform the stage, using only two chairs, into a living room, office, and a disused government building. They can change into strikingly different characters with their mastery of voice and body movements.

The full length finished version of ‘As yet untitled’ will premier at the Unity in six months time and if this version is anything to go by it will be another production bursting with energy and wit.

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