John Moores Fine Art Degree Show
Various venues, see below (19th-26th June 2008)

Reviewed by Ruth Dillon

Traditionally the John Moores show has brought us cutting edge artists from many disciplines, and has throughout the eighties, nineties and this side of the millennium has been eagerly awaited.

As ever there were some excellent installations, and fine examples of classical technique, skill and application, but though a handful stood out the general opinion from the audience was one of dismay.

One person wrote in a comments book "Three years study, you lazy b*****d".

The ideas and concepts were there, but seemed badly thought through and far too safe. There seemed a huge amount of repetition and not the innovations previous years have seen. Some artists did captivate with their skill, concepts and execution.

Tess Ellis-Bridges and Emily Toft's works at the International were fine examples of what art can and should convey. MelloMello had a thought provoking and well structured digital installation from Tim Fielding. Virginia Chandler's craft stood out in her excellent "Birds n Bees" installation at Tito's alongside Henry Finney and Robert Flynn. Duncan Pickwell's work was contemporary, lyrical, added edge and gave a much needed boost to all who managed to reach the top at Arena.

With too many to mention here are a few to look out for: Adam Bresnan, Marcus Rogers, Owen Mcevoy, Robert Duffey, Lisa Chapman, Kate Blanton and Ramon Fernandez.

A mention to all the techs, co-ordinator's and staff at Arena and International for bringing their vision of space and utility to life, and for putting the buildings back on the map. Whether you love it or hate it Liverpool lives, breathes and IS art.

RE-GEN 08 overall is a conceptual success. And I think a fine epitaph to Roy Holt.

Arena House, Duke Street
Duke Street Car Park (near Arena)
Mello Mello Café Bar (top floor & basement), corner of Bold Street/Slater Street
Tito’s, Bold Street
International Gallery, Slater Street
Wolstenholme Building (opposite Cream)

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Comment left by Owen Hedd McEvoy on 9th August, 2008 at 14:01
thanks for mentioning me watch this space

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