Claire ChambersRed Dot

Red Dot Exhibitions
52 Roscoe Street (30th September – 10th October 2006 except Sunday, 12pm-6pm)

Reviewed by Hana Leaper

This splendid exhibition by the Red Dot collective at the studio/exhibition space at 52 Roscoe Street is a delightful treat from some of Liverpool’s born and bred creative visual arts talent. From the moment I entered into this unusual space I felt like an Alice venturing into a Wonderland. The plethora of beautiful and interesting pieces, combined with the effort and thought that have gone into making the space and the work look special, is overwhelming. Without it becoming cluttered, Red Dot have organised the room so that pieces are displayed on different levels, with individually painted walls, from the floor to above the light fittings, giving every piece an appropriate and appealing space of its own in which to shine.

The first pieces upon entry are John O’Neill paintings. Instantly recognisable as having been used as Nerve magazine covers, they are intricate, colourful depictions of humanity, compelling enough to spend long periods following the artist’s scrutinizing stare. Sue Milburn’s huge window is perched on high nearby, pertinently opening and offering perspectives, with Colin Serjent’s luminescent series of photographs haloed in light beneath. For the private view only, Leon Jakeman’s ‘Wankers’ piece - consisting of three vats overspilling with eggshells - provided a thought-provoking centrepiece in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, the smell dictated that this had to be removed, but his simple, yet surprisingly emotionally wrenching, giant messages remain. Hung on the red back wall is an electrifying series of five photographs by Claire Chambers (above), depicting a human form glowing as though freed of all the hardnesses and vulnerabilities of corporeality – the spirit captured as purely sensual form, made of heat and light and energy.

This Red Dot display of concordant vigour is perfect material to scintillate the senses, motivate the mind and inspire fresh ideas – it is a rare and thrilling thing to be so absolutely charmed by an exhibition in its entirety.

The exhibition also features work by Jane Fairhurst, Jon Nash, Claire Stringer, Lisa Ashcroft, Nicola Fitzsimmons and Michelle Burrows.

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