Michelle Burrows - 3dwatermark71Red Dot Exhibitions

Kif Gallery, Parr Street
2nd-23rd July 2004, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat & Sun 12pm-4pm
Sue Milburn, Colin Serjent, Michelle Burrows, Jamie Kenton, Leon Jaquman, Brian Carver

Reviewed by Adam Ford

Set in the cosy and relaxed ambience of Parr Street’s new Kif Gallery, a talented group of local artists display their wares for what should be the delight of the viewing public. Although one of the main organisers is a colleague at Nerve magazine, this is a genuinely exciting parade of creative ability that merits a visit from anyone who is interested in the visual arts.

‘Heaven’s Tears of Joy’ by Jamie Kenton is a powder blue dreamscape, where angels weep and sprinkle the earth with their musical tears. Michelle Burrows’ magazine mosaic ‘Whats On T.V.’ is a snapshot of millennial pop culture, where football and war as video game mingle with Richard & Judy and a host of celebrated nonentities. In ‘Repose’ by Colin Serjent, an elegant woman stands sadly as layered textures perhaps suggest fractured memories. Besides these, there are several other pieces by these artists and their collaborators, each deserving examination and praise.

For its debut exhibition, Red Dot has brought together a vibrant and intriguing collection, and despite the fact the exhibits are never obvious they are very much worth the effort. There is a diversity in terms of media used, but the vivid, colourful edge to almost all the pieces makes it a spectacular feast for the eyes.

Red Dot are scheduled to stage an exhibition during the Liverpool Arts Biennial and then at the Quiggins Centre in November, which will include the work of 15 artists.