The Receipt

Written, directed and performed by Will Adamsdale and Chris Branch
Unity Theatre (27th February 2007)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

The Receipt tells the story of Wylie - a man who is trying to find meaning in the city, job and world that he has found himself in. Among the swipe cards, complicated coffees and office jargon Wylie finds a receipt. An ordinary receipt for a large glass of white wine. His journey of self discovery has begun. Wylie quits/is fired from his job and begins the life changing search to find the owner of the receipt and with that give purpose to his existence.

This is an insightful and perceptive piece of physical theatre. Wylie’s journey is sound tracked by Chris Branch and his Moog synthesizer. This ranges from the lift he seems to spend a large proportion of his time in, to the unexplained noises coming through the paper thin walls of his flat. Using only three filling cabinets Will Adamsdale creates various ingenious scenes including the hilarious ‘Bar - Space - Bar’ - which is a bar that sells housing. But be careful to find the right person as the barman can’t sell you drinks before 6pm without a spacetab and the spaceman is reluctant to validate your spacetab if you aren’t viewing space.

This comic satire on modern living engages the audience from the moment it begins and through its comedy touches on the void that many living within a metropolis experience.

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