Puppet Worlds

Liverpool Museum, 9 April to 5 September 2004
Free admission

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Of interest for people of all ages, this is a fascinating display that provides an insight into the many types of puppetry around the world.
Most of the puppets exhibited were previously seen at the Horniman Museum in London, and features puppets from their permanent collection, providing a glimpse into ancient puppetry traditions.

Rare exhibits include Thai shadow puppets, rod puppets from Java, Burmese string puppets and Vietnamese water puppets.
"With such a wide variety of puppets under one roof", said museum spokesperson Sam Prior, "Puppet Worlds demonstrates how in rich and colourful ways, various cultures and nationalities have used puppets to teach and tell stories."

Included in the exhibition is an activity corner where people can practise the art of using shadow and glove puppets.
The museum is also planning a series of workshops for children demonstrating the use and practice of puppets.

Visitors to the exhibition can go on a nostalgia kick when they watch a video projection showing sequences from puppet-based children's programmes, dating back to the 1950s, reflecting how puppetry has been adapted into mainstream culture.
Another major feature is an original Punch and Judy stall. There will be a number of Punch and Judy programmes staged during the exhibition's run.

So spend an enjoyable hour or so with the puppets. It is free - there are no strings attached!