postwarwageslavesPost War Wage Slaves/DRB/Rowyco/Six String Revolution

Zanzibar, Seel Street
24th August 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Walking into the black hole that is the current day Zanzibar you could be excused for thinking that the gig was all over. Maybe The Maybes took their crowd with them post haste, not hanging around to hear the ego pop that was blasting into the echoic corners of the venue from teen band Six String Revolution.

These four youngsters belted a mature rock quality staggeringly belying their miniscule ages. Seventeen-year-old lead singer and bass player Lee staged his euphemistic eye line to the heavens as if in concentration for some audience to appear; he looked every inch the unique performer. They sang songs about Swedish people and spoke of purchasing a prostitute for a belittling 50p (the youth of today!).

Waiting in the wings was Rowyco, another teeny four piece band whose lead singer had just a ‘Slipknot’ voice and a fast ego that stripped off his ‘No Hope in New Jersey’ tee-shirt to reveal a skinny six pack that didn’t pop a bead of sweat during the heavy set. The ninja stylised drummer gave splashing cymbals and rolling drums, the bass was phat and the sound engineer done a top quality job. However, this thrash metal band could have cleared the room if it weren’t already in that very state.

Next up were DRB (Dirty Rotten Bastards) and these were in all honesty comedy value for the night. They were good but the lead singer’s huge ego took its toll for the swinging of the mic stand whacked his left side guitarist on the nut and he then went on to unwittingly pull the plug on his own mic with his cavorting and slinking about. If he had a larger platform, the man could have been dangerous! The lead guitarist was a Slash style runner. The drummer, with his padlocked choking lariat was a pearl in the oyster and raged a cruel war on the life of his skins - he rocked!

“And this is music” is how Post War Wage Slaves lead singer David Ruddock (pictured) introduced the band to which he was definitively telling the truth. The three boys from Huyton had the supremacy of the night and for the first time in the whole evening there were a group of people who took to the floor to circle and swing. Patrick, Andy and David sold themselves to brilliance, turfing out new innovative mastery of the strings and drums, the like of which the last decade has been searching for. Watch out for these lads who will take you on a carousel ride of honest urban punk. A more appropriate venue must be just around the corner.

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Comment left by Bob on 19th September, 2006 at 15:26
Andy, the sound engineer at the Zanzi, has been a good friend of mine for the last ten years. He works under difficult circumstances and long hours. His dedication to the young bands comes from the heart and his love of music. He does all that he can to make these young bands sound as professional as he can. Not to mention the fact that he is a really nice person. Many of the young bands that I have talked to rate him as the finest sound engineer in Liverpool. Promoting such a person is more conducive to what Nerve is about, not slagging off where he works. Just because the club does not come up to the 'Baby Blue' standards, doesn't mean to say that it doesn't produce good things for young people in Liverpool. Whatever anybodys opinion is, there are people involved and this should be taken into consideration. Taking the piss out of the other bands is certainly no way to build confidence in young people, as in many cases this is their first performance in front of an audience, they should be given encouragement just for the fact that they got up there to try.

Comment left by Post War Wage Slaves on 18th October, 2006 at 13:48
Post War Wage Slaves Tonite at the Cavern!!!

Comment left by Jennifer Levine on 18th October, 2006 at 23:11
Paragraph 3 states the sound engineer done 'a quality top job'!!! It didn't read like this person was taking the piss out of the bands ?!? What the 'eck is this man Bob talking about?? Sounds very irate for no good reason.

Comment left by Amanda DeAngeles on 19th October, 2006 at 10:43
An honest review and good image. Further photographs from the dungeon of delight that is 'The Cavern', Mathew Street. (Let It Be . . . All we are saying is: Give Peace A Chance) Watch out for this band - POST WAR WAGE SLAVES to be found everywhere! courtesy of Alicia Rose. Thanks for a rockin' review, Alicia.

Comment left by Postwarwageslaves on 29th October, 2006 at 13:59
we agree bob is a grade A helmett

Comment left by GAZ EGO MASTERS on 23rd April, 2007 at 18:29
Hahaha this is the best review i have ever seen. The fact it involves me is even better. alternatively come watch DRB again at the Barfly tomorrow for more fun thrilled mic action... and... yes .. thats a larger platform.. so bring ya helmet!

Comment left by Pete Cowan on 12th September, 2007 at 23:10
PWWS rock. The more boss reviews they get, the sooner they'll get where they deserve. And who's Bob?

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